Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pet Peeve Posts... #1

Most people that know me, know that I have several pet peeves. I am going to start a pet peeve post series.

Number 1 is: CHEWING WITH YOUR MOUTH OPEN! For goodness sake people, GROW UP! If you are over the age of 8, you should know how to chew. I do not want to hear or see what you've been eating.

What brought this on: I am sitting in a cafe, eating breakfast, playing on my computer... and I can hear the guy at the table behind me.

Good things about this cafe: there is a dog outside that is cute as hell looking at me. I think I'm going to take him home. The food is awesome. There is a cute little girl sitting at the table in front of me... I also want to take home. (big brother, that is a joke)

Anyone else hate open mouth chewers?


  1. It used to drive me crazy to have dinner with my brother because he is a huge mouth open eater. I also noticed that my father hacks on gum like a cow. I understand your pet peeve.

    The first one that comes to my mind is people who grid lock traffic during rush hour. I just want to lay on my horn in an attempt to embarrass the hell out of them.

  2. Oooo traffic pet peeves... also some good ones! I had a bit of that this morning. Center city Baltimore was a mess for no reason.

    I should create a vote - have you ever said anything to the people who chew with their mouths open?!

  3. ha, no. At least not my father. I am sure my father has yelled at my brother a long time ago. I usually ignore my bro when he starts to piss me off. Remind me at Thanksgiving, we will both be at my parents and I will have a good chance to see if he still does it.

    What about gym peeves. We could go on with that for a few days. I am thinking of starting a "Worst xfit lift/move" in my blog.

  4. Holy crap - yeah! Gym pet peeves could be a good one... there are probably too many to list.

    Worst xfit lift/move as in annoying/rude?

  5. well, I guess least favorite or the one lift you hate because you suck at it.

  6. Haaaa... lets see... front/back squats and thrusters would be my least favorite lifts. I generally like most of them. Burpees can go to hell... running - belongs to the dogs and HSPU will be the death of me, or someone else - depending on how mad I get at them. :)

  7. I posted the "worst favorite xfit move" tonight in my blog. I don't have many followers, so if you have some xfit friends on here, spread the word. Will you?