Monday, September 28, 2009

Upset? Says who?

Final result of week 3 in the new WPL: Keystone 15 - Beantown 13!!

I've been telling people that we 'upset' the 2nd ranked team from Boston all morning - and a little last night. But then thinking about the word 'upset' in terms of sports, I begin to think that maybe we should put the emphasis on the team that wins, not the team that was upset. Why? Because I am not upset, I am quite happy and proud of Keystone. We've put up good fights against Beantown since I've started playing, but were never able to walk away with a 'W' even after matches where we knew we could/should have.

We were down 10-0 at half time! So, yes it is a true UPSET... but maybe it should be that 'Beantown DELIGHTED Keystone?!' Thoughts??

***I am wrong, we were down 13-10 at half time!*** (bad memory)

I guess the only problem with that is it gives away too much credit... when we say that Keystone upset Beantown, that shows where the effort lies and who did the work. OK - I've re-changed my mind. Yes - we UPSET Beantown.

This picture is hard to see - its our pitch after our picnic with a rainbow over it. Someone else was happy we won too!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

WPL Kicks off!

The first weekend of the new Women's Premiership League (WPL) kicked off this past Sunday throughout the country. As a new structure in the divisions for Women's rugby throughout the US, details have yet to be ironed out, but all in all, it seemed to be a success.

Cool features such as the USA Rugby Live Scoreboard will now show scores from each match within minutes of its' completion! Match reports will be submitted to Your Scrumhalf Connection's blog by Monday COB, so you'll be able to read about your favorite teams... ahem... Keystone. We are also assigned national panel referees, which is another huge bonus to this WPL league. Each match will be filmed - and videos of the matches will be posted for each team to see.

This is a huge step in giving rugby, especially women's rugby a more professional feel in this country. Something we don't get very often... ie- we're not a bunch of fatty drunk woman running around the place, I promise. It will start to promote competitive play, and hopefully bring the level of our national team up to England, or New Zealand level.

I'm going to keep this post brief, but if you'd like to read more on Keystone's WIN this weekend (38-8) you can read it on the Your Scrumhalf Connection blog link above.

Onto NY this weekend...