Monday, March 30, 2009

Everyone else is doing it....

I've finally decided that since everyone else in this world is blogging, I have to stay up with the world and do the same. Who knows if anyone is going to read it, probably just MR... but I'm going to write it anyway! Its going to be a blog on how I attempt to be a professional in the marketing biz, play rugby for Keystone RFC, a competitive 'Premier' team in the US, and explain to the world that just because I'm a woman, and I have a black eye, or bruises on my arms... that I'm not in an abusive relationship.

I'm also probably going to post about random things a
s well, because... how could I not?

I've played with Keystone for about 5 years nowand am currently the Secretary of of the club. I took an 8-month hiatus to Ireland to play with Shannon RFC out of Limerick. I played at Temple University where we won the 2004 DII national championship, and at Drexel U for 2 years before that.

I work for CCG Facilities as their Marketing Coordinator, which is an engineering firm out of Baltimore that specializes in 'mission critical' MEP engineering. Don't know what that means? I'm still learning myself... I'll just say - we do a lot of work for data centers all over the world.

I began CrossFit in the summer of 2008 out in the park with Troy and Karen of South Baltimore CF and have also started CFing at BWI with Ryan. Thanks to them, I've progressed immensely in my fitness, which translates onto the rugby pitch (I hope).

All of this combined with trying to have a social life, meet people in a new(ish) city, and keep in touch with my family is not easy. I'm hardly the best at it... but here is to the attempt.

Stay tuned, I always have something else to say and plan to post often. Comment as much as you'd like, I welcome the conversation.