Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tracking Me

I was invited to publicly track my goals with the boys, so wanted to share it with you all. If you look on the right, you'll see 'Jenn's Workout Log' which will have my progress and what not. Its a fun blog - the guys have been at it for about 4 weeks and are all doing well as they move into the harder loads. Point is to start at about 70% 5RM load and build up to your goals.

We're following Mark Rippetoe's "Starting Strength" programming... they're all getting bigger - ie eating a crap-ton of food. I don't need extra size, so I'm keeping my diet the same, if not improving it.

Words of encouragement are always appreciated!! :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

End of the Season - New Goals

Sunday (November 8th) was the last of the matches for the first year of the Women's Premiership League, and crowned a new national champion. NY beat out Berkeley 20-10 in what was one of the fastest paced women's games I've ever seen! You can see all of the final results on the WPL blog.

Keystone also defended our 5th place title to win the bowl championship for the 3rd year in a row, beating DC Furies on Friday 26-5, and the MN Amazons on Sunday 36-10.

The end of the season always brings the time of retirement announcements, and players leaving clubs for whatever reasons they might have, ie work, family commitments, bodies falling apart, etc. Committing to a competitive team is not easy. Personally this season has tested my commitment, and my drive - so next year is all up in the air. I've decided that Spring season will be a fun season for me.

**Pass about a week and a half**

I went into the gym last night to talk to TV and PS from SBCF - as they're both on Starting Strength along with SM. My goals over the winter are going to be to get stronger. I haven't set weight goals yet, but I am going to join these guys in their programming and hopefully be as successful. However... I am not going to do the bulking up part, as I've already got some reserves that can become muscle. :) Click on 'Starting Strength' above to see what the heck they've been eating!!!

I will post more on this as I actually set my goals - I can use this as accountability!

Anyone have experience with starting strength programming?