Monday, May 4, 2009

Did anyone see that Mac truck?

The one that hit me, reversed and ran over me again?
*I meant to post this yesterday, as I was feeling 10 times worse... however work - busy, post - pushed back.

I remember laughing quietly to myself when I would hear some of the more senior members of Keystone talking about how they don't recover like they used to, and how it took a few more days before things felt right again. I will never laugh at them again. Nothing can explain how it feels to play in a tournament all weekend and then have to be at work by 8am Monday morning. I can't imagine what my coworkers thought, when they saw me with my eyes hardly open, my pace slow.... and hopefully none of them saw me try to bend down to plug in my computer under my desk. I didn't think I was going to get up. I wish I could say today was any better. At least my computer was already plugged in. :)

Keystone competed in (and won) the Rites of Spring tournament in Baltimore this weekend. The schedule was a bit ridiculous, having a total of 5 woman's teams. We were scheduled 3 matches on Saturday, then to come in 1st or 2nd in the tournament you were (supposed to) play 3 more on Sunday. So a complete round robin, a semi final and then a final. Badly structured brackets.

In any case, we played a lot of rugby which is never bad, and went 3-0 on Saturday. It was a good day, good matches - enjoyed ourselves. (Barred some crazy person with big eyes)
Its not very often that Keystone gets to go out as a team together after a full day of rugby. So Saturday night, we all went out and had a great time, had a few drinks, was social and mingled with other teams! There are some fun stories we can all take away, but I will spare anyone the embarrassment, and keep them to myself. :)
*I would like to personally thank the Washington Irish guy who stopped by our tent on Sunday to give us a recap of an 'event' of the night before... highlight of the day!

Sunday at an early 9:40, we were scheduled to play the only team that we had not played yet... who went 0-3 on Saturday. We started warm up around 8:30 to find out at about 8:45 they didn't have enough people. Game forfeited. Next game up, scheduled for 12:10 against a team we'd already played on Saturday. They had a 9:40 match as well... lost it. Went home directly after it. Game forfeited. I might state the fact that it was pouring rain all day and probably only about 50 degrees out. This means we were at the pitches from 8:30 until the kickoff of the final match which happened (on the crappiest field they had to offer) at 3:10. 6 hours and 40 minutes. We were cold and miserable, I was sore/tight from Saturday's matches... and possibly the fact that I'd done 2 grueling crossfit workouts on Thursday and Friday before the tournament.

At least when all was said and done, we walked off the pitch after the W looking like mud woman I was lucky enough to only have a 5 minute drive home... someone now has some extra hardware taking up some space in their living room, kitchen, or basement.

Ahhh and yes... the week starts, back to reality. The bruises might fade slightly before this next weekend's match in NYC but if not, I'll add a few more to my collection before the end of the Spring season.

*Please keep JP Stratton in your thoughts and prayers, she is a Keystone Alumni who we all miss on the pitch and off the pitch. She'll pull through this illness, but we need to send her some vibes to help her get through it a bit quicker.