Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I haven't posted something in a loonngg time! I have about 3 working posts right now, that I hope to crack down on and every day I find something new to blog about... but then time escapes me and it does not get put into words.

My new idea which is non-rugby related: Food in the workplace and why it is making (the) us all fat! My office may be a special example, see photos above taken from my phone (but I'm going to get a camera this weekend and begin to) showing some of the food and crap that is brought into this place. Besides the normal food that sits in our break room, someone brought in 2 boxes of truffles, a 24 pack box of 100 calorie pretzels, thin mints, lollipops, some weird kind of wafer things, some weird other chocolate crap and some other sugary thing that I didn't know what it was (thankfully).

Anyone else have issues with workplace food lurking in your face?? Laffy taffy - BW??!?!