Monday, October 12, 2009

MARFU North vs South U-20

I was asked by my friend SS who is the coach of Shippensburg University's woman's rugby team to come out and help out with the U-20 MARFU North team yesterday. They were playing the MARFU South team - basically in a showcase for the overall MARFU U-20 team to play at ITT's in Florida in November.

I almost didn't go, because this weekend was full of driving all over MD/PA (a total of 535 miles, I just google mapped it) and I thought it would be too much - but I couldn't turn down the opportunity to help SS out - and meet some of the younger players in the area.

What a good time! These girls were so impressive, I must say that warming up and going through some defensive drills was a little slow, but they picked things up quickly. The scrummaging work looked better and better.
When the South decided to show up and the scrimmages were underway, I was really impressed with some of the girls who were there, they played some great rugby. One of the girls was 15!!! Talk about feeling OLD.

The best part was after the scrimmages were over, I was talking to a few of the girls (of course with my Keystone shirt on;) and they were so impressed with our club. They asked if I was going to be famous on the national team, which made me chuckle.... I should have said yes... but I think they were just as impressed that I have teammates who play for the US team. Then I told them that some of my teammates might be Olympians in the next 6 years... when one of them said 'I'll be too old by then - 25!' I almost smacked her... but refrained, as I would get arrested for beating a child! :)

Point being - its funny that I remember myself being in that position. Where I would look at an older player and think they were sooo good and that I'd never be able to play with them, and now they are my current teammates. Its weird to think that you're in a place for younger players to look up to.

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