Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Jon Gilson - For Woman: You Are Beautiful!

I follow the posts of Katie's Midless Ramblings and think she is pretty entertaining, and probably spells out the same successes and fears that most women have. She recently re-posted a link by Jon Gilson from Again Faster who wrote about the popular media version of a beautiful woman - and what his thoughts were about them. Opening paragraph:

"If I were feeling a little more lawless, I’d gather all the copies of Cosmo and Seventeen, douse them in kerosene, and strike a match. I’d throw in reams of print ads from Calvin Klein and watch with delight as Kate Moss’ stick-thin image was reduced to carbon."

I really enjoyed this post, and while I don't know Jon at all, I've since read a few of his other articles and enjoy his posts.

Anyway - this is a great article. Read it!

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