Thursday, January 6, 2011

West Part II - 2 Months Late!

After we left Wichita Falls, we were excited to get to Amarillo, Texas, since Tony Christi seemed to want to get there so bad, we wanted to see the hype.

Nipper was behind the wheel, so I was checking out where to stay and what seemed to be good. I found a hotel that was priced right, non smoking, no pets (Nipper was going to stay in the car) so I called and reserved a room. After I hung up, Nipper said 'was that room in Albuquerque?' Yep, it was. I had to call and cancel, although I promised if we stayed in Albuquerque, we'd use his hotel .

Our first destination was to The Big Texan where we were thinking of trying to split the 72 oz steak challenge. That's right, if you eat a 72 oz steak, baked potato, salad and dinner roll in under 1 hour its free. They even stream people making the attempt.
The Big Texan also has a Motel attached to it, so we reserved a room there but then thought it might be better to stay downtown Amarillo. So we cancelled the room there and headed for downtown. Amarillo does not have a downtown. There is nothing there. Some hotels, a convention center, a bank or two. That is about it. Back to The Big Texan it was, where I made Nipper reserve the room since they hadn't heard her voice. Dinner was gigantic, and delicious!

The next morning we left Amarillo and changed our plans, thanks to Rip's advice to go up North a bit to see Shiprock and the 4 Corners, then the Grand Canyon. So we headed for Santa Fe. We got into SF early enough to check in and walk the streets in the day time. I got a little over excited to see Trader Joe's AND Whole Foods all within a few blocks. The downtown was cute - we went to a few bars and had a good dinner at Cowgirl Cafe, then sprinted home practically before our ears snapped off.

Up early-ish in the morning, we stopped at WF for breakfast and these green things called vegetables, got ourselves some Starbucks mugs, and headed for the 4 Corners.

Insert 2 month's time and a blog that sat in the edit cue...

Ok - well for some reason once I got to San Diego, the hustle and bustle of settling in, starting school and getting bombarded with work made me forget to upload the 2nd half of our trip. EC is going to kill me!

In any case, we went to the 4 corners, the grand canyon and then made a long day's drive into San Diego where we were met by my new roommate BB. It was a fun trip, there were a few times Nip didn't think she was going to live through it, but we won't get into that. I miss here - and every time I go into a Wal-Mart, I look for a package of crayons, pencils and markers all in the same kit for poor Aidan, who didn't actually get what he wanted. I'm sure he's crushed with all of the other fun things Mommy brought home.

I'll try to upload some pics when I get a chance....!

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