Monday, January 3, 2011

Headed West!

Its the 4th morning of our trip, we've landed in Amarillo, TX already, logging 1700 miles.
We left Baltimore with a car almost filled to the top, hardly able to see out of the back window. By now, things seemed to have settled down and I probably could have fit another few boxes in my car.The first day we hauled @$$ down to Nashville, stopped twice. Once to introduce Nipper to Sheetz, and she took the wheel! (Even after I was told of the story that Mushy had to drive in Spain after he'd shoulder surgery) But hey, we're still here and she's driven every day since... even if she still walks to the wrong side of the car.

We got to Nashville at about 8:30 and ran straight out to see what Music City had to offer. Had dinner at Margaritaville, then went to The Stage on Broadway where we saw the Chris River Band. Then we headed down to Tootsies where we were upfront for the fall of Mr. Tyler Farr. Literally, he sang with the band you see behind Nipper in the pic, was so drunk that he got off of the stage, went to his seat, and fell. Multiple times!

The next day we got to Graceland in Memphis to scope out where Elvis lived. To start, we must say Memphis is an interesting city. It felt like I was driving through the rough parts of Baltimore, then all of the sudden, we were at the home of Elvis. I wonder if people knew we were out of towners, two white chicks with a car packed to the top, bike on the back... not looking to the sides. In any case, this was a treat to Nipper, who just got married in Vegas! Why didn't she wear her dress?! The house was amazing - going back in time! The walls were carpeted or had drapes on them. Shag carpet, jungle like furniture, gigantic kitchen and several different buildings.
After this, we made it to Little Rock for dinner. It seemed like it was a cute town, a nice downtown street, ice skating on the Arkansas River. After dinner we made it to Texarkana, AR where Smoky and the Bandit was filmed (we found this out as we were eating breakfast - thank you MH!).

After breakfast, we headed to Witchita Falls, but not without a stop in Paris Texas to see the Eiffel Tower.
When we finally made it to Witchita Falls to visit Juli and WFAC. Juli treated us to an awesome Texas BBQ at the Branding Iron, and even got Nipper to pose with some real cowboys. (check her FB for a photo) Then we went to one of the weirdest places I've ever been. A drive up bar. Yes, we drove up, a chick came out took our order and served us Red Draws in the car (beer and tomato juice). Where else other than North Texas?!

I will say, I finally heard my first negative thing about San Diego. Thanks Rip! Best stop thus far, next time we'll spend more time with this gang - thanks again Juli!

More to come on our time in Amarillo, TX - aka Armadillo.


  1. Thelma, sounds like everything is on track. I would love to meet Nip someday..she sounds like a blast. Keep having fun, but stay safe!!

  2. Play some Johnny Cash while you drive and in the hotel and on the juke box and on your IPOD and think of me (Val) and Maggie.

  3. Red Draws FTW! It was awesome having you here, next time stay longer!



  4. wow girlies, sure sounds like your having a blast of a road trip - keep the blog coming x Teen x