Friday, December 4, 2009

CrossFit Level 1

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I flew out to sunny San Diego, only to enjoy San Diego's one and only rainy day! I went to the University of San Diego to get my Level 1 Certification. It was a really good weekend in all, I met some awesome trainers and other athletes - mostly from the West Coast, but a few who also travelled X-country.

The cert was held at the University of San Diego's awesome facility, and by their head S&C coach Stephane Rochet. There was a pretty awesome coaching staff there from CrossFit as well, which included a... response... from Dave Castro to the recent firing of Robb Wolf from CrossFit HQ.

I learned a lot, although I think the training I've had at BWI and SB has put me ahead of most in the early Level 1 world.

Since I'd already been to the CrossFit Football Certification, I knew a little about what to expect, although I think I enjoyed the atmosphere of the football cert more. There was more 1v1 attention, and it was geared to sports athletes, and not 'CrossFit athletes' per say. I'd also met some guys who just recently opened a box in Philadelphia - East Falls to be exact, and have a few teammates who've signed up! Congrats Jay and Micah at CrossFit 215!


  1. I workout at the Globo YMCA in Sewickley. It is outside of the City. Where are you going to be in Pittsburgh? Downtown? One of the Suburbs?

  2. I don't know if it is easier to answer here or on my blog, but . . .

    If you are in the Squirrel Hill, the best bet is the Squirrel Hill Jewish Community Center. It has a nice free weight room. Not a ton of space, but nice racks and a lot of dumbbells.

    You can google Crossfit Pittsburgh. It is north of the city, out route 28. I think it will be a pain in the ass to get there, and I am not sure if they have Sunday hours.

    The Sewickley YMCA has a decent free weight room, but is about 45 minutes away from you.

    Let me know if you need any other options.

  3. It was fun! I didn't make it to a gym, b/c I'd forgotten my shoes at SBCF... so I left early enough to train in Baltimore.
    However... it was cool to be there for a Steelers win... even though I should have been cheering for the Ravens!?